“No pain, no pain. Amazing!”  Mrs Taylor, an 81-year-old lady, comes into the clinic for her appointment, kicking her leg out, with a big smile on her face.

Mrs Taylor’s last visit to our clinic was one week ago and received her first acupuncture treatment for her knee. She’s had a sore knee for over 2 years. Recently, the pain was so severe that she was struggling to go up and down stairs and it affected her sleep as well. “The pain was so bad that it sometimes made me nearly cry when I went shopping,” Mrs Taylor described. The movement of her left knee was limited, she was limping when she walked. It was diagnosed as knee osteoarthritis.

At Meridian Clinic, we have helped a large number of arthritis patients with acupuncture successfully. Mrs Taylor is just one of them. Now, the symptoms are a lot better after the treatment, and Mrs Taylor is very satisfied: “Two years being in pain is too long,” she says. “My husband has got the same problem for much longer time than me and has been waiting for knee replacement over 3 years. He is suffering from pain every day. Can I bring him in and see if you can give him some help too?”

Both clinical and experimental evidence have shown that acupuncture is effective for helping arthritis. It is not just for pain relief but also for slowing down the deterioration of the affected joint. Therefore, acupuncture has been recommended treatment for joint pain by the NHS.