I've recently undergone a treatment of muscle massage and acupuncture at the Meridian Clinic for lower back pain and shooting pains down my legs (pain consistent with that of sciatica, both my GP and Dr Xu informed me). I work in a job where manual labour is part of my day and found it painful to bend and lift, and on the worst days, even walk. I sought help from my GP but was only ever given pain killers which merely masked the pain. After 18 months of painkillers, and reluctance from my GP to address the cause of the problem, I contacted Dr Xu at the Meridian Clinic. After 4 treatments I can now bend and move a lot more freely and the pain and numbness in my legs is completely gone. I would highly recommend anyone with back trouble to give this a go as I found it to be very helpful and welcomed the end of constant pain killer use!!