Fu’s Subcutaneous Needling (FSN), also called Floating Acupuncture (FA) is a new acupuncture technique which is invented by Chinese medical doctor, Dr Zhong-hua Fu in 1996. This acupuncture technique is based on theories of modern  biomedical science, by using a modified acupuncture needle to stimulate areas where nearby trigger points,  to treat musculoskeletal conditions and other conditions.

Normal or traditional acupuncture techniques involves by inserting needles to penetrating skin, subcutaneous and muscular tissues and then stimulating the points.   While FSN needle only penetrating to subcutaneous layer and stimulating on this layer. Therefore this technique has less pain and less sensation on the patents, however, it can produce an incredible pain relieving effect. For some acute pain condition, such as muscular and ligaments strains, tennis elbow, or acute back pain, it can have almost instant pain relieving results.