Rosie’s baby was one-week overdue when she came to Meridian Clinic for her treatment on Monday, though her doctor considered her health condition and suggested medical induction, she had faith in acupuncture as she had previous experience of success with her endometriosis and fertility. She preferred to avoid medical intervention and tried acupuncture for a natural labour first.  

Rosie’s email on Thursday brought great news: Dear Dr Xu, Thank you so much for all of your help …… The treatment on Monday at 2pm was a huge success! I was in labour by Monday night and our son was born just 12 hours after I’d seen you at 2:22am on Tuesday …… We were back home the same day. All doing really well ……”

We can’t imagine how happy Rosie and family are. To receive this kind of news is always a big reward for us!

As an ancient method, acupuncture has been used for helping fertility, breech presentation and labour induction for centuries. In recent years, there has been a good number of clients who have come to our clinic for acupuncture to assist their labours, and the results are encouraging. Especially, since FSN acupuncture was introduced to help those conditions, the success rate has been increased significantly. Rosie is one of the beneficiaries.

To date, the mechanism of acupuncture for induction of labour is still not clear and there is a limited number of studies and research on this field. Some researchers believe that acupuncture may achieve its goal through modulating neuro-endocrine system and encouraging the secretion of certain hormones such as pituitrin and PGF(2a).

Clinical study demonstrates that acupuncture is a safe and effective alternative option for helping overdue labour if you don’t want medical intervention to be the first. It’s worth a try.